• Adaptive Play

  • Exploration for All

    At the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, we believe that access to educational play shouldn’t be limited.
  • Our adaptive play program was carefully developed so each of our guests can learn, thrive and play!

    Caregivers can use our online resources to plan and organize their visit, set expectations and easily communicate and explore while having fun in our galleries. We also offer tools, such as noise-cancelling headphones and deep pressure vests, to enhance our guests’ experiences.

    Let’s use our tools
  • Explore the galleries: Get a sneak peek at what you can expect to see.


    Map your way: Discuss what to see or what to avoid.

  • Let’s talk about it: Communicate through pictures and emotion pictograms when words aren’t working.


    Phew! Let’s rest: Check out our online brain break area if the visit becomes overwhelming.

    • Communication board
    • Decision binders with exhibit photos
    • Deep pressure vests
    • Dexterity vests
    • iPad with communication tools
    • Noise-reducing headphones
    • Resistance tunnel
    • Universal cuffs
    • Weighted blankets
    • Wheelchairs