Car Works

  • Take a road trip!

    From their earliest days, children spend much of their time in and around cars, trucks and busses. They hear horns honking, watch traffic lights change, see adults pump gas and they may even watch as a mechanic lifts the hood to examine and fix a problem.

    Car Works invites children to stop observing and join the world of automobiles as they become drivers and mechanics!

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Choose a car and pretend to take a trip. Can you honk the horn? Can you turn on the radio?
    • Put on the crossing guard costume. What do the traffic signs mean? Help your adult safely cross in front of the cars.
    • How fast can you change the tires on the car? Have an adult time you!
    • Did you know you can race small cars? Place three cars at the starting line of the track, push the red button on top to reset the clock and then lift up the platform to start the race! Check your time at the finish line. Can you find the fastest car?

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  • Sensory Experience

    Loud noise

    Gross motor

    Bright light