Moving into May with MMCM

April 24, 2019

At Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, we love to be out-of-the-box thinkers and push our imaginations to new heights. This month “transportation” is the theme, and we are bringing interactive play to the museum to learn about cars, planes, boats and more! Every Saturday during the month of May, children will be able to identify and create different modes of transportation. They will get to discover what makes each vehicle unique.

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place where the weather is warm and the water is blue? Take an imaginary boat ride to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo by coming to our Cruising Away: Art Mart Activity on May 4. Visit the Art Mart studio to add vibrant colors to your boat design and learn a little more about the annual celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Once you’ve crafted your vessel, make your way to Water, Water Everywhere to continuing diving into fun and exploration!

Has your head ever been in the clouds? On the second Saturday of May, create a hot air balloon during our Flying High: Art Mart Activity on May 11. Before airplanes, hot air balloons were the wave of the future. These high-flying contraptions evolved from a lantern used for military signaling. In 1987, a transatlantic voyage was made by hot air balloon when a team flew over the Atlantic Ocean. Today, hot air balloons come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Imagine flying in a hot air balloon to inspire what your hot air balloon might look like!

All modes of transportation are out of this world—especially those that can take you to outer space! Engage your engineering skills to create a rocket ship on May 18 during our Out of This World: Art Mart Activity. Encourage your kiddos to build something that could transport them to the moon. Real rocket ships use powerful engines to launch them into space at incredible speeds, putting them into the correct orbit. Which materials in Art Mart can you use to create a powerful rocket?

One of the earliest ways people used to travel was by horse! Transportation has changed drastically in the last hundred years. Now, motorized vehicles move us from place to place. On the last Saturday in May, transport yourself to the 1800s when the main mode of transportation was by animal—horse and buggy. Horses live just about everywhere in the world, and for a considerable amount of time they were used to carry people and haul goods. Make your way to MMCM on May 27 to make your own horse during our Horsing Around: Art Mart Activity.

Exploring our world has certainly gotten easier with advancements in transportation. Talking about and creating various forms of transportation can help children learn about our past and present world. Through these interactive play activities, children get to have fun while learning new things!

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