A-Mazing Airways

  • Be blown away!

    A-Mazing Airways is a clear, pneumatic tube system with a motorized blower that creates a powerful air stream. The force of the air can move a variety of objects – such as balls and scarves – a long distance!

    Guests can open and close diverter boxes to change the pathway of the air that moves through the 100 feet of tubes. Playing with A-Mazing Airways helps children and adults make air “concrete” even though it’s invisible!

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Choose different objects to push into the entry box. Observe where the objects go, where they come out, and how long it takes to come out.
    • Use the knobs on the two diverter boxes to move the flaps and block the flow of air into the tubes or even change the flow of air as an object goes through the tubes. Predict where the object will come out.
    • Which items travel most quickly through the tubes? Which objects fall to the ground most quickly?
    • Invent a catching game to play with other children!

    Let’s keep exploring! Take me to aMazing tot spot!
  • Sensory Experience

    Loud noise

    Gross motor


    Bright light