Aunt Sugar's Farm & Uncle Pickle's Barn

  • Grow and cultivate big ideas!

    Aunt Sugar’s Farm & Uncle Pickle’s Barn lets children discover the farm-to-table pathway as they use their imaginations to role-play as farmers, market stand operators and cooks. Families and teachers can talk about how farms connect us to our food, the value of nutrition and how to incorporate healthy eating into our daily lives.

    One side of the farmhouse has a small vegetable and root garden with neat rows for sugar beets and other vegetables that can be picked, moved around in small wooden wheelbarrows, and taken to the farm house kitchen for cooking or to the market stand for selling. Don’t forget to spend time with Milkshake the Cow!

    Let’s play and learn!

    • See the fruit trees? Collect all your favorite fruits and place them in the pockets or the trees.
    • Sort fruit and vegetables in the market. Can you name them? What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? What color are the fruits and vegetables?
    • Can you make a healthy meal in the kitchen? What type of foods should we eat every day? What type of foods are only sometime foods?
    • Do you know where sugar comes from? How do farmers make sugar from sugar beets?

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  • Sensory Experience

    Fine motor

    Gross motor



    Loud noise