Mind Unwind

  • Relax, recenter, reconnect!

    Mind Unwind offers a space for our guests to escape from the activity and energy in our other galleries and exhibits. Take a brain break and visit the tactile wall with its soothing textures, borrow adaptive play devices from the front desk – like weighted blankets or headphones – and unwind as you sink into our beanbag chair in this dimly lit, sheltered space and relax.

    Ahhh … don’t you feel better already?

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Quietly watch the bubbles in our bubble tube. Where did your imagination go while you were watching them?
    • Close your eyes and see if you can guide the car along its track on the tactile wall.
    • Sit in the beanbag chair. Can you see the colored lights on the ceiling? Imagine you are in a submarine or a spaceship.

    Let’s keep exploring! Take me to Solar Spot!
  • Sensory Experience

    Low light