Art Mart

  • Experience the power of imagination!

    Designed for both clean and messy experiences, Art Mart engages guests with the wonders of the creative process! Kiddos can use their imaginations and natural inventiveness, all while developing skills – like problem solving, critical thinking, cooperation and discipline – essential to academic learning.

    Art prompts located in colorful picture frames challenge budding artists to create their own artistic interpretations of the week’s theme. Look for them on the art table and in the Scrap Studio.

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Feel how soft the play dough is. Can you make a long squiggly snake? What happens when you squish it with the rolling pin?
    • Use the materials in the Scrap Studio to create a masterpiece. Can you think of other things we throw away that you could use to create art? What other everyday objects do you think you could incorporate into your project?
    • Sit in front of the mirrors and make a self-portrait. Do you think it is harder to make a drawing or a sculpture of yourself? Try it!
    • Make a project following the art prompt, do you think your project will be the same or different as what other guests have made?

    Let’s keep exploring! Take me to Aunt Sugar’s Farm!
  • Sensory Experience


    Fine motor

    Wheat allergen