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  • Learning and Fun Beyond the Galleries

    We offer fun and educational day camps and programs throughout the summer – so kids can discover more about things they like!
  • What would your day be like if you were a chef, design engineer, or MAD scientist? What if you could explore space, create art masterpieces, or build your own car? Explore our 6 different summer camps below!


  • Color My World (Ages 6-10)

    June 15-17

    Venture to new places with our cultural selections of music and crafts. Your artist will create museum worthy masterpieces, learn to play songs collaboratively on the keyboard, and find their artistic groove.

    Operation Space (Ages 6-10)

    June 29 – July 1

    Children will prepare for their journey into space by understanding the celestial objects around us. These astronauts-in-training will explore the night skies, investigate the sun’s power, and discover the obstacles that their team may encounter in space.

    LEGO Mania (Ages 6-10)

    July 13-15

    Lego lovers will be challenged with a variety of STEM concepts such as, building a car, a bridge, and more. See what you can create individually and put it together to have a giant group creation!

    M.A.D. Scientists: Messy Academic Discoveries (Ages 6-10)

    July 27-29

    Eureka! Your junior scientists will be experimenting with the elements to form their own creations. Children will enter their laboratory at the museum to explore their sense of wonder and curiosity through interactive games and activities.

    Engineers Assemble (Ages 6-10)

    August 10-12

    These hands-on engineering activities will spark the creativity in your child to kick start their future in our technologically driven world. Children will be inspired to think “out-of-the-box” as they design and build a variety of projects.

    Steel Chef (Ages 6-10)

    August 24-26

    Your little chef will get hands-on experience making kid-friendly recipes and experiment with mystery ingredients. Bon appétit!