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  • Learning and Fun Beyond the Galleries

    We offer fun and educational day camps and programs throughout the summer – so kids can discover more about things they like!
  • What would your day be like if you were a musician, design engineer, or wizard? What if you could explore space, create art masterpieces, or build your own car? Explore our 9 different summer camps below!


  • Camp: Planet Earth Eco-Exploration

    Date: March 29-31

    Description: Explorers will embark on a fun-filled journey to understand our planet and the organisms that live on it. Our roles as humans will be examined to discover how we can “go green” to help the environment!


    Camp: Museum Mixtape

    Date: June 14-16

    Description: Whether your kid likes to rock ‘n roll, jive to jazz, or bop to pop music, the museum invites them to drop their own mixtape. They will be learning the basics of music through color keyboarding with Musico Lessons LLC and song writing with local artists. Get ready to beat to the rhythm of your own drum in this expressive camp.


    Camp: Cirque de Musé

    Date: June 21-23

    Description: The circus is coming to the museum! In this camp, your kid will experience the fun and mischief that comes with a cirque. From tight rope walking to clowning around, kids will become a performer worthy of the circus.


    Camp: Magic of History

    Date: June 28-30

    Description: Calling all witches and wizards! Explore the world of Saginaw, Michigan through muggle eyes. Learn about their past and how muggles tried to be witches and wizards with science and magic tricks.


    Camp: Let’s Get Physical

    Date: July 12-14

    Description: Learn about the science behind sports. We will practice some of the most popular sports played in Michigan including baseball, golf, and tennis. Sports enthusiasts might even get to meet some professional players!


    Camp: Into the Wild

    Date: July 19-21

    Description: Bring the great outdoors inside! Experience the thrill of being outside and seeing wild animals from the safety and comfort of the museum.


    Camp: Galactic Adventure

    Date: July 26-28

    Description: Children will prepare for their journey into space by understanding the celestial objects around us. These astronauts-in-training will explore the night skies, investigate the sun’s power, and discover the obstacles that their team may encounter in space.


    Camp: Engineers Assemble

    Date: August 2-4

    Description: These hands-on engineering activities will spark the creativity in your child to kick start their future in our technologically driven world. Children will be inspired to think “out-of-the-box” as they design and build a variety of projects.


    Camp: Once Upon a Time

    Date: August 9-11

    Description: Explore your favorite fairy tales as we go on a hunt for a glass slipper, build a huff and puff proof house, and even write and perform our own original fairy tales.