Water, Water Everywhere

  • Dive into fun!

    Water is everywhere! From a hot morning shower, to the rivers and lakes near our towns, to rain in the spring, children see and experience water every day – which makes it a great tool for scientific exploration!

    As children play, they can explore the properties of water by trying to direct, divert and contain it. They can see the water cycle in action at the Evaporation Station. Watch as children become scientists when they are given the opportunity to pour, measure, hypothesize and experiment with water.

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Gather toys and guess which ones will sink and which will float. Do the floating toys have anything in common?
    • Use the white pipes to channel the water. Can you make a waterfall to turn one of the spinning wheels?
    • Put a boat at the base of the big water wheel. Does it move down the table? How do you think currents in rivers are created?
    • Draw a picture or write your name on the Evaporation Station slate wall.

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  • Sensory Experience


    Bright light

    Loud noise


    Fine motor