Tinker Track

  • Start Your Engines!

    What makes our bicycles go? From our own energy to the parts and pieces used to construct a bike, They are a machine that teaches many mechanical properties. 

    As you make your way around our track, your children will not be using energy to power our scooter around the course. Parts to build your own scooter, chair, table, or creation of your own can be found in the bins in the center of the track. Tires on the racecars can be changes to help grow fine motor skills. 

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Race to change the tires on the wall like a real racecar pit crew.
    • Follow along with the plans on the table to build a scooter.
    • Turn the wheel on the scooter bike to steer around the padded poles.
    • Use the knob to turn the starting light from RED to GREEN.

    Let’s keep exploring! Take me to Try It!
  • Sensory Experience


    Gross motor

    Fine motor