Try It

  • Explore! Invent! Test!

    With a variety of raw materials, an unstructured space and curiosity, children can discover their own potential as inventors and investigators. Try It provides an open and safe area to create, design, and plan while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    Whether testing spatial and design skills at the magnet wall or exploring faraway lands through the power of imagination in the theater, kids will learn about themselves as they learn about the world in the Try It gallery.

    Let’s play and learn!

    • Put the basket underneath the conveyor belt. Can you get the balls to fall into the basket?
    • Dress up in a costume. Where is your character from? Do they have an accent? How old are they? Stay in character as you play!
    • At the Macro Magnet wall, create a ball run to deliver your ball into the tub.

    Let’s keep exploring! Take me to Water, Water Everywhere!
  • Sensory Experience

    Loud noise

    Gross motor

    Fine motor