Hemlock Semiconductor Brings "Tinker Track" to MMCM

July 30, 2020

A new, interactive gallery called “Tinker Track” is opening at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum thanks to the generous sponsorship of Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC). In this hands-on exhibit, kids and families will get a first-hand look into the racing world and investigate the science behind building and repairing bikes and cars.

Visitors can build their own bike and race to the finish around Tinker Track! The fastest family member to pedal wins and can proudly take their place in the Winner’s Circle. Kiddos can make repairs to their bikes in the garage and learn to change tires with lightning speed in Pit Lane. The Tinker Track will challenge kids to use their problem-solving skills and creativity as they build their bikes and race along the track’s many obstacles.

Gallery activities include:
– Competing to see who has the fastest bike
– Testing tire-changing speed in Pit Lane
– Making bike repairs in the garage
– Experimenting to see how bike design affects their speed and performance
– Racing around the track with stop lights, speed bumps, inclines, and curves
– And more!

Check out a super special sneak peek of the gallery at the bottom of this page and make sure you’re following MMCM on Facebook for the latest updates on Tinker Track and reopening. 

About Hemlock Semiconductor:

Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC) transforms people’s lives by energizing and connecting our world through silicon technology. HSC is passionate about silicon-based technology – its versatility, its possibilities and its unique potential to improve the world we share. Polysilicon from HSC is used to make computer chips – the “brains” behind the electronic devices we rely on to make our lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Polysilicon manufactured by HSC is also the fundamental building block for solar cells that harness sunlight to produce clean, renewable solar power. HSC is a major contributor to the Great Lakes Bay Region, supporting numerous community programs and projects, such as the MMCM Tinker Track gallery, and empowers its employees to make a difference in the region by actively volunteering. Check out the video below to learn more about HSC and polysilicon. Click here to like HSC on Facebook or visit their website at www.hscpoly.com.

HSC has created some special STEM-themed content for our MMCM kiddos and families that you can check out below!
Solar Energy Coloring Pages:

Some of the polysilicon Hemlock Semiconductor produces supports the solar energy industry, turning the sun’s rays into energy that power our everyday appliances and electronics. Ask a grown-up to print these pictures, grab your favorite coloring tools, and have a blast coloring in these cool solar panel pages. You could even save these images to your phone and use your photo editing or snapchat apps to color them digitally! Share your finished products with us on our Facebook pages at @MiChildrensMuseum and @hscpoly.

Polysilicon Product Matching:

In addition to solar panels, Hemlock Semiconductor produces hyper-pure polysilicon – 99.999999999% pure – which goes to power the phones, computers and other electronics we use each day. ?? Can you match the polysilicon rods to the items that are powered by hyper-pure polysilicon produced at HSC?

iSpy With My Engineering Eye:

At Hemlock Semiconductor, we are committed to supporting STEM-related programs in our communities and across the state. How many rocket ships?, magnets, and microscopes? do you see? Count them all up below.

Solar Oven S’mores:
The sun is powerful! ? That’s why Hemlock Semiconductor works to harness the sun’s energy by producing polysilicon that will go into solar panels. This project is great for parents and children to do together – building solar ovens to make s’mores! Click here to see the recipe including instructions, ingredients, and directions.
Rock Candy Crystals:

Polysilicon is a crystal, but these crystals will be much sweeter! Make your own rock candy crystals with the directions in this handout from Hemlock Semiconductor.

Crystal Sun Catcher:

With help from an adult, kids can make their own crystal sun catcher! Hemlock Semiconductor works a lot with crystals, and you can make your own and hang them up to catch sunlight in the window! Click here for directions. 

Take a sneak peek into our new Tinker Track gallery – designed, constructed, and installed by ZENTX Media Group!