Jump Into July with Our Lakes and Beaches Theme

June 25, 2019

The sun is shining, and it is time to enjoy summer vacation! This month’s theme at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is “Lakes and Beaches,” and we cannot wait for the fun activities planned for our visitors. Every weekend during the month of July, there will be a variety of “Lakes and Beaches” activities and crafts. Children will learn about different animals that live in water and how we can help keep our waters clean.

What’s squishy and stings and lives in the ocean? A jellyfish! Visit MMCM on Saturday, July 6, to make your very own jellyfish at the Swim and Squish: Art Mart Activity. Use different materials from our Scrap Studio to personalize your jellyfish. You can decide if they will have long or short tentacles. But don’t worry, these jellyfish won’t sting you, so you can swim with the jellies all summer long.

Although Michigan’s Great Lakes don’t have jellyfish, they are full of other kinds of fish. If we aren’t careful, though, they could fill up with plastic too. Stop by MMCM on Saturday, July 13, for the So-FISH-ticated: Art Mart Activity and reuse plastic bottles to make beautiful fish and other art projects. By teaching children to reuse and recycle plastic bottles instead of throwing them away, we can help keep plastic out of the water and prevent future pollution!

We are excited to announce that Saturday, July 20, will be MMCM’s first ever Fun in the Sun Day! There will be beach-themed activities and games from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You don’t need to go to the beach to play with sand and seashells! Come to MMCM on Fun in the Sun Day to play with kinetic sand and create beautiful seashell art. Enjoy the summer weather by blowing giant bubbles in our Creativity Courtyard!

Baby shark, doo doo! Sharks aren’t so scary when you sing the Baby Shark song. On Saturday, July 27, come make your own shark at the Shark Doo Doo: Art Mart Activity. Decorate your shark and decide if they will be friendly or scary. You can make a Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, our any shark you want! Any way you make it, your shark can dance along with you to the shark song.

Summer is a fun time to enjoy beaches and learn about different creatures in the world. We have a beautiful world full of fun aquatic creatures. We are excited to spend the summer exploring, playing and learning with you! Through MMCM’s interactive activities, crafts and galleries, our visitors can learn about lakes, beaches and aquatic creatures while enjoying hands-on exploration in any weather this July!

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