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  • Bringing MMCM’s Play and Learn Fun Home

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  • Our doors may be closed, but we are working hard to keep play open. 

    At the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, we recognize that kids and families in our community need our museum now more than ever. We are working hard to create remote learning opportunities with virtual programming and online connection. To help facilitate Play & Learn experiences at home, our expert Play and Learn Coordinator has created 13 remote-learning “PAL” Kits that encourage curiosity and creativity just as our museum does. 

    Each “PAL” Kit is modeled after our Play and Learn mission and includes directed and open-ended activities that allow for the kind of imaginative play that is vital to growth and development in kids. These fun and playful activities also support and supplement school curriculum so no matter how your kids are going back to school, PAL Kits can provide an excellent source of extension learning. 

    What would your day be like if you were a baker, design engineer, or MAD scientist? What if you could invent your own sport, create art masterpieces, or identify the world’s different animals? Learn more about our PAL Kits below:

    Size/Price Guide
    • Standard:
      Materials for 1 child
      $25 Members/$30 Non-Members
    • Large:
      Materials for 2 children
      $35 Members/$40 Non-Members
    • Family Size:
      Materials for 3 children
      $45 Members/$50 Non-Members
    • Custom Sizing:
      To order a kit for more than 3 children, call us at 989-399-6626 or email playeducator@michildrensmuseum.org to place a custom order.
    Age Recommendation

    While the Learner PAL Kits were created specifically for younger children ages 2-5, the majority of our kits are suitable for kids ages 6-10. 

    Funding Assistance

    MMCM recognizes that families in our community need support to help facilitate at-home learning and we understand that times can be tough right now. Thanks to the help of generous donors, we have funding assistance available to allow wider access to our PAL Kit learning experiences.

    Ask us if you qualify.

    Explore our 13 PAL Kits today!

  • Adventure PAL

    Did you know there are 8.7 MILLION species of animals in the world? Some you know well and most you probably haven’t met yet. What is your favorite type of animal? Is it a reptile or an amphibian? Maybe a mammal or a bird? No matter what animal you like, this kit will explore the differences between them and teach you what makes each creature unique.

    Kit Includes: Build an animal abode, “Why Do Sharks Float” experiment, “How Do Animals Stay Warm” activity, “Why Do Cat’s Eyes Glow” activity, make your own animal mask craft, and DIY binoculars.

    Bonus Activity: Live animal cam web link.

    Baker PAL

    Bon appetite! Do you have an up-and-coming chef in your household? This kit focuses on the maker and baker in your kitchen and will teach them with fun foods and nutrition games.

    Kit Includes: Measurement conversions, kitchen rules for kids, M&M No-Bake Balls recipe, Edible Cookie Dough recipe, Edible Slime recipe, Personal-Size Apple Crisp recipe, No-Yeast Bread recipe, and four blank recipe sheets to create your own!


    Builder PAL
    Leggo my LEGOs! This kit will challenge Lego lovers with a variety of STEM concepts like building cars, bridges, and more! Kids will practice analyzing data and experiment with their designs and solutions to change speeds, push/pull objects, and test what materials work best. What structures will your imagination bring to life?

    Kit Includes: LEGO maze/marble run, LEGO damn challenge, upside down build challenge, LEGO heart design, LEGO boat build, and design your own mini-figure craft.

    Creator PAL

    The world is your muse! With this kit, young artists of all skill levels will create museum worthy masterpieces and compose Grammy-worthy songs that would wow any critic. This kit was created in partnership with our friends at Musico Lesson LLC

    Kit Includes: Musico keyboard with follow-along Musico songs, Musico color-in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song, record bowl craft, create your own song activity, and step-by-step paint canvas. 


    Designer PAL

    These hands-on engineering activities will spark your creativity and kick start your future in our technology driven world! Campers will design lots of different structures, test objects against each other, and analyze each project to determine if their solutions work or if changes need to be made. Can your project hold a lot of weight, stand super tall, or provide a solution to a problem in our world today?

    Kit Includes: Straw roller coaster build, DIY mini-parachute, code-a-maze activity, design your dream home blueprint, balancing robot craft, and design a robot hand craft.

    Bonus Activity: Make your own gear circuit (instructions only – materials not included).

    Director PAL

    Fairy tales and stories are as old as the human language. Whether they are told by an author of a book, a director of a movie, or an actor on a stage, each storyteller puts their own feelings into the characters and scenes. This kit will breathe new life into old fairy tales with activities that teach you to become your own director and scene designer.

    Kit Includes: Write your own fairy tale, sugar cube set design, “Three Little Pigs” house challenge, design an award craft, Hollywood star craft, and an act out your own story activity. 

    Discover PAL

    Are you a scientist or a M.A.D scientist? Most scientists try to control their experiments but M.A.D scientists know sometimes you need to get Messy in order to make an Academic Discovery. Turn your home into your own personal laboratory and conduct an investigation with some potentially messy interactive games and activities. Kid-scientists will compare the effects of different motions have on objects.  

    Kit Includes: Liquid starch slime recipe, friction experiment, Oobleck dough recipe, grow your own crystals activity, salt crystal painting craft, and a DIY lava lamp. 

    Explorer PAL

    This kit is out of this world! Prepare for a journey into space and explore the intergalactic world with some beyond Earthly crafts and activities. With this kit, you will observe the sun, moon, and stars and describe their patters. Explorers will also learn how the amount of daylight at different times of the year can impact observations. 

    Kit Includes: Sundial activity, shadow investigation, DIY solar oven, Alka Seltzer rocket activity, and a solar system hat craft with planet cutouts. 

    Healer PAL

    Paging Doctor YOU! Whether you want to be a dentist, physician, chiropractor, or other health professional, this kit will show you what it could be like to work with the human body in a fun and exciting way.

    Kit Includes: DIY Operation game, heart pumping experiment, make your own toothpaste, muscle machine craft, “Dentists and What They Do” book, and a DIY stethoscope craft.

    Learner PAL: A Mousy Mess

    Being a toddler is so important. Designed specifically for little ones, the kit will give your brand-new learners a chance to explore the world around them and features activities that encourage early childhood development of math skills and fine and gross motor skills. Make sure you are participating with your tots so you can have fun learning right along with them. This kit is provided in partnership with our friends from Math in the Mail

    Kit Includes: Pipe cleaner mouse craft, MMCM coloring page, “A Mousy Mess” book, “A Mousy Mess” activity kit with “Mess of Toys” colored cubes, shapes, buttons, and transportation counters, chalk, chalkboard paper, and Math Paths card. 

    Learner PAL: Crayola Patterns

    Being a toddler is so important. Designed specifically for little ones, the kit will give your brand-new learners a chance to explore the world around them and features activities that encourage early childhood development of math skills and fine and gross motor skills. Make sure you are participating with your tots so you can have fun learning right along with them. This kit is provided in partnership with our friends from Math in the Mail

    Kit Includes: MMCM coloring page, “The Crayola Patterns” book, Math Pass card, model magic patterns activity with modeling clay and craft stick, music and patterns rubber band activity, pattern block matching game with blocks, crayons and drawing paper, and a finger paint craft.

    Player PAL

    Strike! Four! Goal! Whatever sport you play, there is a science behind how it works. This kit will share the science behind your favorite games and will teach young sports enthusiasts to create a new sport of their own.

    Kit Includes: Balloon tennis game, make your own sport activity, target golf game, DIY mini-basketball hoop, sports pennant flag craft, and paper football craft.


    Renewer PAL

    This kit will renew your outlook on the environment! Reduce, reuse, and recycle as you explore nature through a set of crafts and activities that will take your environmental knowledge to the next level! Discover how you can “go green” and help our Earth.

    Kit Includes: Nature scavenger hunt, planter and seeds, oil spill challenge, “How Long Does This Trash Last” game, birdfeeder craft, and “If I Were a Bug” activity book.

    Seeker PAL

    Whether muggle or wizard, everyone can create magic with this kit! Take a potions class, learn a classic Harry Potter charm, create your own wand, and more! 

    Kit Includes: Potions Class activity, learn the Revelio Charm, discover hidden messages activity, Bertie Bott’s Bean Challenge, create your own magic wand, design a magic wallet, and a Harry Potter bookmark craft. 


  • Please note, PAL Kits are subject to change activities and supplies depending on availability.