• Play At Home

  • Don’t Just Stay At Home, PLAY At Home

    Transform your living room, backyard, or bedroom into your very own mini-MMCM with these ideas for at-home, Play & Learn fun.
  • Play the day away!

    At MMCM, we want to support families in our community and sustain our students’ intellectual curiosity. Here, you can find fun crafts, activities, experiments, stories, and more that aim to engage and educate you and your kids about the wonders of our world – just as our galleries do.



  • Delve into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and enjoy hands-on STEM challenges your kids will love!

    Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Creating art allows your children to interact with the world around them and teaches them new communication skills. Check out these fun crafts that are mostly made using items you can find around your house!

    Here you can find all the best stories your kids love in easy to follow videos! Follow along with us as we bring you our favorites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Rainbow Fish.

    Crafts and activities tailored for toddlers that you can do at home with yours.