Play At Home - Arts & Crafts

  • Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Creating art allows your children to interact with the world around them and teaches them new communication skills. Check out these fun crafts that are mostly made using items you can find around your house!
  • Bouncin, Bouncin, 

    Looking for a craft that can turn into hours of fun? Try out this recipe for a homemade bouncy ball! All it takes is 1/2 cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of Borax, and 1-2 tablespoons of clear Elmer’s glue.

    1. Make Borax solution: Mix 1/2 cup of warm water and 1 tablespoon of borax until it is completely dissolved. (Add more water if it doesn’t dissolve.) We recommend adults do this step.  
    2. Add your desired amount of glue into the Borax solution. (Try using glitter glue to give your bouncy ball a fun color. You could also add your own glitter and food coloring to clear glue for color and sparkle.)
    3. Squish and squeeze! As soon as the glue hits the solution it will start to harden. Gently squeeze and squish until the glue ball is no longer squishy. 
    4. Remove from the Borax solution and roll between your hands to make it ball shaped. 

    Note: Please be careful when using Borax. Make sure your kiddos wash their hands afterwards and keep their hands and bouncy balls out of their mouths. After some time your bouncy ball may flatten into a disc shape. If this happens, roll your ball between your hands and it will return to its original shape!

    Thanks for the fun craft idea, Life’s Carousel.

  • Earth Day is Every Day

    Make this simple craft to appreciate the outdoors while you are indoors. All you need is a paper plate, a baking sheet, shaving cream, paint, toothpick, and popsicle stick.

    1. Squirt white shaving cream onto your baking sheet in the shape of a circle. 
    2. Drop blue and green paint into the shaving cream. 
    3. Use a toothpick to swirl the paint.
    4. Place the bottom of your paper plate in the paint and make sure to cover all the edges. 
    5. Remove and take a straight edge (like a popsicle stick) to remove any excess shaving cream. 
    6. Let dry and admire your Earth like you are in outer space. 

    Thanks to Crafty Morning for this Earth Day inspiration.