How Field Trips Boost Learning Retention

August 13, 2019

Did you know that field trips have been found to increase student engagement and retention of information? Field trips also increase student interest and knowledge of topics learned in the classroom through visiting hands-on learning environments. By being able to experience what they learned in the classroom, students become more aware of their own community and world.

Hands-on experiences through play are fundamental to children’s growth and development. Play has been found to be essential for social and emotional growth. Taking part in recreational activities helps children to develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills and make early friendships. Play can also serve as an outlet for children to express their emotions.

Not only does play result in mental health benefits, it also leads to physical health benefits. It contributes to the development of fine and gross motor skills in addition to body awareness. Physical play such as jumping, building and climbing can result in health benefits such as increased aerobic endurance and muscle growth. When children play, they are actively developing their imagination, dexterity, and emotional and physical strength.

At Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, children can play and learn at the same time. We offer field trips that apply Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core State Standards to real-world adventures. We provide hands-on experiences and encourage exploration for students in a variety of lesson plans. First and second grade students especially benefit from our Common Cents field trip and 2nd Graders Are 1st Class field trip.

Some of our top extension lessons for field trips include:

  • Get Up and Grow – Students discover growth while examining a plant, and they get to take home their own seedling.
  • Playful Polymer – Students learn what a polymer is, about its properties and how it moves by creating slime.
  • It’s Shocking! – Students extend their knowledge of positive and negative charges with demonstrations on a Van de Graaff generator (static electricity generator).

These field trip lessons are just a few of the educational offerings provided by MMCM. Discover more extension lessons – including learning about archaeology, solar power, magnets, biomes, gravity, mammals and more – by vising

MMCM field trips can be scheduled throughout the year. Lessons typically last two hours, then students are welcome to stay and play all day! Field trip scholarship assistance may be available. Ask us if your school qualifies.

Plan your field trip to MMCM today!

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