Superheroes Eat Plenty of Fruits and Veggies

July 26, 2019

It’s time to flip our calendars to August and start a new theme of the month! The theme for this month is “Fruits and Veggies,” and we couldn’t be more excited to get started. Every weekend in August, children will learn about different fruits and veggies while making crafts in our Scrap Studio. Fruits and veggies are essential to healthy eating, and we hope our visitors are encouraged to stay healthy while participating in our super activities and events this month.

The first weekend in August, we will learn about amazing apples! Come make an apple that looks so good you could almost eat it at the Apple of My Eye: Art Mart Activity on August 3. There’s another kind of apple too, a pineapple! Feel free to make a pineapple to show that no two apples are alike.

Another yummy fruit is cherries! Cherries might be out of season, but we can still enjoy them at MMCM. Stop by on Saturday, August 10 for our Cheery Cherries: Art Mart Activity to make some cherries in Scrap Studio. Did you know cherries are a superfood? Cherries are a great source of vitamin C and fiber, which can help fuel us through the day!

Superhero Day is also happening this month! On Saturday, August 17, everyone can be a superhero, including you! Dress up like your favorite superhero and fly on over to MMCM for some powerful fun. Make your own superhero cape and mask; meet real, live superheroes; experiment with bubble force fields; and, play like a superhero. You won’t want to miss Superhero Day!

Another exciting fruit to learn about this month is the avocado! On Saturday, August 24, visit us for the You’ve Guac to be Kidding: Art Mart Activity to make a friendly avocado that you can joke around with. Give it arms and legs so it can join in all the fun. Just don’t turn it into guacamole later!

During the last weekend of the month, come for our Two Peas in a Pod: Art Mart Activity with your family. Whether you have one, two or more siblings, you should still get along like peas in a pod. Make a pea pod to show how many siblings or friends you get along with. Decorate each pea pod with a smile to look like you, your siblings or your friends.

August is a spectacular time to learn about eating healthy before our young superheroes return to school. We are excited for children to learn about ways to make a healthy lunch with fruits and veggies that can power them through the day. Explore your Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum this August to enjoy super-duper fruit and veggie-fueled activities!

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